What is the CUE1/CUE1+?

Improve your movements

The CUE1 combines the principles of focussed vibrotactile stimulation and cueing, both evidenced by scientific literature to improve motor performance and alleviate freezing of gait for people with Parkinson’s.

Our testing has shown clinically significant improvements in motor symptoms whilst using the CUE1. Our testers have also reported a wide range of benefits including:

  • Smoother walking and movement
  • Regaining the ability to dance
  • Helping fine motor tasks
Features of the CUE1
Improves movement

Utilising non-invasive, focused vibrotactile stimulation and cueing to improve movement.

Medication reminders

A wearable, discreet and adjustable medication reminder and recording system.


The CUE1 is worn via an adhesive patch, requiring no invasive surgery and making it quick to set up.


The CUE1 can be worn discreetly under garments or shown off as an accessory.

Easy to use

The CUE1 is simple by design and is controlled with one large, tactile button.

Symptom tracking

Track symptoms, progression and quality-of-life measures with the CUE1 app.

Wearing the CUE1

The CUE1 is a slim device and can be worn anywhere on the body, but we recommend the sternum for most effective symptom relief. It is discrete enough to be worn under clothing and is attached with a pair of medical adhesive patches. The two patches employ a ‘hook and loop’ system where one remains on the body, so the CUE1 can be easily taken on and off whenever needed.

Using the CUE1

Press the large tactile button on the face of the device once to turn vibration on, and a second time to turn it off. The CUE1 can be used continuously, or activated only when it is needed.

CUE app for iOS and Android

The CUE1 can be used on its own, or it can be linked with the simple and easy to use CUE app. The features of the app are directly inspired by feedback from people with Parkinson’s.

Adjust your CUE1

 You can customise the stimulation settings of your CUE1 to deliver the best results for you, as everybody’s Parkinson’s is different.

Set medication reminders

The app allows you to set discreet medication reminders through the CUE1, in the form of a quiet and discreet vibration.

Symptom tracking

Easily and simply track mood, movement and other symptoms throughout the day and over time to help manage them.