Body Adhesives Pack

£15.00 ex. VAT or £15.00 ex. VAT every 3 months

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The ‘Body Adhesives Pack’ contains:

  • 6 Body Adhesives
  • 1 Device Adhesive (for the CUE1 and CUE1+)

The Body Adhesives Pack contains six body-side adhesives, which are applied to the skin for up to 14 days. The CUE device is attached to these adhesives using a hook and loop system, which helps with easy attachment and removal. 

The pack also contains one Device Adhesive – this is the device-side adhesive, which needs to be replaced every few months – this patch has a scratchy surface which can pick up lint and fibres, reducing the effectiveness of the hook and loop. 

These adhesive patches are intended solely for use with the CUE devices. Each patch lasts for up to 14 days, depending upon the level of usage.

Please note, this item only ships to the United Kingdom. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Instructions for Use

  1. Stand in front of a mirror and locate your sternum (breastbone).
  2. Please run your hand along the length of your sternum and find a spot that will allow the device to lie completely flat against the skin on a bony surface.
  3. Please check that the location remains flat when moving. 
    • ⚠ Please ensure that the area is kept clean and dry. Trim any excess chest hair to ensure that the adhesive attaches well.
    • ⚠ When in normal use, your skin will be in contact with the silicone from the device. If any redness or rash occurs, please remove the adhesives and consult your doctor.
  4. Place your device into the adhesive drawer, so that the device picks up one adhesive. This will help you remove adhesives more easily from the drawer.
  5. Please peel off the adhesive’s backings, ensuring that you take care not to fold the sticky side back on itself.
  6. Place your device on your preferred location and ensure that the adhesive is fully attached by applying pressure to the edge of the adhesive with your finger.

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