The CUE1+ for Parkinson’s is a device which aims to alleviate the movement symptoms of Parkinson’s, including stiffness and slowness of movement by utilising two vibration-based therapies, focused stimulation and cueing.


Body Adhesives Pack

The ‘Body Adhesive Pack’ contains 6 body-side adhesives and 1 device adhesive for the CUE1/CUE1+.

Device Adhesives Pack

The ‘device Adhesive Pack’ contains 3 device-side adhesives for the CUE1/CUE1+.

Feedback from our users

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‘We know that the CUE1 is not a cure for Parkinson’s and Tony still needs his medication; but we can now see some light at the end of what was a very dark tunnel.

We feel the CUE1 might just give us our lives back.’

- Tony and Jan

‘I would spend so much time frozen, and needed Barbara to help me become mobile again. Now that I can make myself mobile, my wife has more time for other things. The members of the Charco team are always available to offer advice, which is so helpful.’

- John and Barbara

‘I feel more flexible and can move better, improving my quality of life’. ‘The sun is shining and Richard is doing some exercise with the CUE on. His gait and posture, plus my anxiety levels, are much improved.’

- Richard and Helen

‘Team Charco have been so passionate about their product, and always believing that they will achieve their goal. For Charco there are no barriers. They aim to succeed, and make a real difference to so many lives. For me, the CUE1 has given me hope, and put a smile back on my face.’

- Ruth

‘I used to freeze pretty often even when just walking to the shops, and I didn’t go out socially much. This has all changed due to the CUE1. I hardly freeze at all any more . It has given me the confidence to act like a real person again, and go out and enjoy myself doing anything I want to do. Thanks Charco.’

- David

‘The rigidity in my body was the massive change. I’m more comfortable sitting down in the car, and have started to drive more. My writing’s also definitely improved; even though my arm’s still shaking, the tremor goes away when I write.’

- Emma

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