Device Adhesives Pack

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The ‘Device Adhesive Pack’ contains:

  • 3 Device Adhesives (for the CUE1 and CUE1+)

This is the device-side adhesive, which needs to be replaced every few months. This adhesive has a scratchy surface that can pick up lint and fibres, reducing the effectiveness of the hook and loop.

These are intended solely for use with the CUE1 and CUE1+ and are intended as a replacement for those who have lost or misplaced the original device adhesive. They are usually replaced upon receiving a new Body Adhesive pack, depending upon the level of usage.

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Instructions for Use

  • You should replace the adhesive backing on your device when it starts to show signs of wear, such as excess lint or fibres on the patch which can reduce its ability to stick to attach well to the body-side adhesive. 
  • Peel away the old device adhesive from the CUE1/CUE1+, using a fingernail to lift the edges.
  • Remove the protective film backing from the new device adhesive.

Note: The device-side adhesive is very strong. It may be difficult to remove, and the replacement will stick to whatever it touches. Take care when replacing the device-side adhesive and seek assistance if needed. 

  • Place the new device adhesive onto the CUE1/CUE1+’s rear, taking care not to cover the metal contacts when placing the device adhesive patch. 
  • Use your finger to firmly press the device adhesive into place and remove any air bubbles. 

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