Using the CUE Device

1. Getting started
The CUE1 is a non-invasive wearable device that uses vibration to alleviate a range of Parkinson’s symptoms including slowness and stiffness of movement and freezing of gait.

To learn how to set up and use your CUE1 you can watch the video below. Alternatively, you can scroll down for text-based instructions.

2. What's in the box?
What’s in the box?

In the box you’ll find the CUE1 housed in its charging dock, which also has a swing-out drawer containing the adhesives used to wear the CUE1. In the lid of the box, you’ll also find the full instruction manual, and the USB charging cable.

3. Charging your CUE1
Step 1

Your CUE1 should arrive with some charge, but you may wish to top up the battery. To charge your CUE1, insert the smaller end of the included charging cable into the port on the rear of the dock.

Step 2

Insert the larger end of the cable into any standard USB port, such as on a computer or phone charger wall-plug.

Step 3

Next, place the CUE1 onto its charging cradle, ensuring the gold contacts on the back of the device align with the two pins on the dock. A simple way to do this is to ensure the two dots on the face of the device are horizontal when placed on the dock.

Gently press the CUE1 into place to ensure proper contact. If the dock is plugged into a USB power source, the light-ring on the CUE1 should turn amber to indicate charging. When the battery is fully charged, the ring will turn green.

When charged, your CUE1 is ready to use.

4. Using your CUE1
Step 1

To activate the vibration, simply press the large central button once. To deactivate the vibration, press the button again. If you have any trouble with the function of the CUE1, you can reset the device by holding the button down for at least 20 seconds and then releasing.

Step 2

We recommend you try placing the CUE1 on a few locations up and down your sternum while the vibration is running. This is to get a feel for the most comfortable and effective position to secure the adhesive. Look for a flat spot where the CUE1 has good firm contact with your body. Once you’ve found your preferred location you can place the adhesive patch there.

Step 3

To open the drawer containing the adhesive patches used to wear your CUE1, gently hold the dock on the top and bottom with one hand, without squeezing too hard, and use the other to swing the drawer out in a clockwise direction.

To help you locate the drawer, you will find a textured arrow on the rear of the dock, indicating the best placement for your finger, and the direction the drawer should swing to open. There is a hole in the bottom of the drawer which may help you remove the adhesives more easily.

5. How to wear your CUE1
Step 1

Once you’re ready to wear the device, first make sure your sternum is clean and dry. You may also wish to remove any chest hair.

Take an adhesive and remove one half of the backing paper to reveal the sticky surface, being careful not to fold it over on itself.

Step 2

Hold the side with the backing paper still attached, and place the patch on your preferred sternum location. If you’re happy with the location, remove the second piece of backing paper and firmly press the adhesive down to make sure it’s secure.

It is waterproof and sweatproof and will last for roughly 14 days, at which point it can be replaced. The adhesive is medical grade and hypoallergenic, but if you feel any irritation please remove it immediately.

Step 3

Please pat the adhesive dry after bathing to extend its life and avoid irritation. Replacement adhesive patches are available through our website.

Step 4

Your CUE1 device will come with a white backing pre-attached, which will reversibly attach to the patch you placed on your sternum. When putting the device on, make sure to line up the rubber protrusion with the hole in your patch and press down to ensure good contact and firm attachment.

Step 5

If you want to remove it, for example to charge battery, use one hand to hold down the patch on your sternum while using the other to gently pull the CUE1 off. You should hear a sound, and the adhesive patch should remain on your skin.

6. Replacing the adhesive patches
Step 1

Over time the backing on the device may collect dust and become less sticky. One new backing is included in each adhesive patch refill pack available through our website.

If you want to replace it, carefully remove the one currently attached to your CUE1 by peeling it away from the edge. It is a strong adhesive so you may require some help. Please hold the plastic rear of your CUE1 down while pulling away this backing to prevent accidental separation.

Step 2

Take the new backing and carefully remove the piece of paper from it.

Step 3

Attach the backing to the device, taking care to line up the hole so as not to cover the charging contacts.

We hope you find your CUE1 easy and simple to use, but if you have any questions or need any help please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing [email protected].