Testing & Results

Our Publications
Focused Vibrotactile Stimulation with Cueing Effect on Freezing of Gait in Parkinson’s Disease

This paper, published in the Journal of Movement Disorders and lead-authored by Professor Kyum-Yil Kown, comprises a case series addressing the effect of the CUE1 on the symptoms of two of our beta testers. The study specifically focusses on freeze of gait (FOG) and the acute effect of the CUE1 on the instance of FOG during and 3 metre timed up and go test.

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Our completed user testing rounds
Initial Proof of Concept, Movement Tests

Our first trial round involved 13 people with Parkinson’s across a variety of ages and stages of Parkinson’s. We had them carry out various movement tests including walking, moving objects and using tools with and without the device. All tests were carried out during each person’s best-medicated state.

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CUE1 Device with Stappone Insole Sensor Technology

We partnered with Austrian company Stappone to analyse the effect of CUE1 on gait in people with Parkinson’s using their pressure-sensitive insole. MDS-UPDRS assessments were compared with objective features of gait (peak heel pressure, double support time and gait symmetry).

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MDS-UPDRS, Timed Up & Go 3m, Tapping & Usability Feedback

In this round of testing, we wanted to further explore the utility of CUE1, and so we listened to the recommendations of Parkinson’s clinicians, who advised us to record the MDS-UPDRS Section III score. This is widely regarded as the gold standard for Parkinsonian symptoms.

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Beta CUE1 User Testing, Long term use in a home setting

The aim of this study was to test the Beta version of the CUE1 device in a home setting over a prolonged period of time. A mixture of quantitative and qualitative methods were used to assess the potential impact on the lives of people with Parkinson’s (PwP).

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Videos from our research and testing

MDS-UPDRS and Timed Up & Go Tests November 2021

CUE1 – a device that uses vibration to treat Parkinson’s

Time Tapping CUE1 testing July 2020

CUE1 device uses vibrotactile stimulation to reduce freeze of gait in Parkinson’s

Take part in trials and testing

Our clinical team are preparing for our upcoming clinical trials for people with Parkinson’s to further evaluate the efficacy of CUE1 for symptoms of Parkinson’s. However, with the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, our trials will be delayed until we are absolutely sure that it is safe for everyone to get involved in the trial.

If you would like to learn more, take a part in our future clinical research trials or participate in user testing, please do fill in the form below. Our phase one clinical trials will be based in the UK but the information will be available for the worldwide Parkinson’s community.

Working closely with people with Parkinson’s has been a priority throughout the development of CUE1 and we plan to continue these efforts through formal clinical trials carried out in partnership with the NHS.

Make a real difference and be part of the future of non-invasive treatment for people with Parkinson’s.