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The CUE1 – a device for Parkinson’s


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CUE1 for Parkinson’s, a device which aims to alleviate the movement symptoms of Parkinson’s, including stiffness and slowness of movement.

The CUE1 works by utilising two vibration-based therapies, focused stimulation and cueing, both of which are research-validated. It also incorporates discreet medication reminders and an accompanying app, enabling you to track your symptoms, both for your own interest and to help ease communication with healthcare professionals during your consultations.

During our pilot testing of the CUE1, we have consistently recorded improvements in movement when our testers have been using the CUE1. Our participants told us that they felt smoother and quicker in their movements; furthermore, our objective measures showed a promising improvement above our tester responses which the healthcare community classifies as ‘clinically significant’. If you’d like to learn about our testing in more detail, we have a number of reports available to read on our site here. We have been lucky enough to visit people in their own homes, and have received some truly touching responses. Through our work, we hope to improve quality of life for all with Parkinson’s.

The people in the Parkinson’s community have been utterly amazing in donating their time and effort to helping us with our innovations, and we would like to express our unending gratitude to the people whom we have met along the way. We are so glad that we can now bring the CUE1 to you 💙. Please let us know if you have any questions, or would even just like to chat with a member of our team, on [email protected].

We are also keen to learn from your experiences, particularly if you have not had the benefit you expected. Please contact us to let our team understand your symptoms, explore your response to the CUE1, and test different stimulation settings to see if we can optimise the device with you. However, if you find that the device does not work for you within the first 3 months then you will be eligible for a full refund. Please check the ‘Returns Policy’ tab for details.

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