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Bringing your CUE1 to your doorstep

From the moment we first met Keith, a wonderful gentleman with Parkinson’s, keeping a personal connection has been at the heart of everything we do at Charco. We believe that staying engaged with you is the most crucial aspect of our mission. That’s why we organise open days each month and actively participate in local Parkinson’s foundation events and groups.

As a part of this personal engagement, we go for a hand-delivery of the CUE1. This is an opportunity to interact with you personally.

Here we take you behind the scenes of our visits to help set up the CUE1, and what our team and community think about hand deliveries. :)

A hand delivery to the community

A visit from the team

The visits themselves are always tailored to each person, to ensure that we get the most out of our time with you. Whether that’s explaining how the CUE1 works, showing you how to use the CUE1 with ease, helping to download and understand the app, or even just discussing further what can be done to ensure the greatest benefit possible. No matter your reason for choosing hand delivery, we are always happy to visit, and will address any questions you may have personally. :)

Our community

Seeing smiles first-hand

As much as each visit is for your benefit, it is also an amazing opportunity for us to learn and improve. We are able to sit and talk at length to people all over the nation, from a range of backgrounds, and with a variety of different symptoms and needs, finding out exactly what is required from the CUE1 and from us, as well as what we can do to improve. Though we collect feedback in multiple ways, none are as extensive nor comprehensive as that which we collect when visiting you :)

The other great benefit, from our point of view, is being able to meet you, the wonderful people of our community, and see smiles on your faces. Your kindness when  welcoming us into your homes and even offering us tea, coffee, and amazing conversations, makes every single visit worth it. Being able to show you how to set up your CUE1, and seeing your reaction to it, has provided some of the most memorable moments for us.

Team Charco on hand deliveries with the community

Our team’s experience

Each member of the in-person visit team has their own view on the best parts of the visits, and we wanted to share with you some of the thoughts from us on our visits to you.

“Leading the supply chain from manufacturing through to our warehouse is very rewarding, but nothing brings me more satisfaction than being able to visit the user and deliver their CUE1 in person. Being able to sit with the user and explain what the CUE1 is and how to use it in the comfort of familiar surroundings is invaluable. This service provides insights into how Parkinsons affects their life, and allows Team Charco to offer advice on how best to use the CUE1” – Paul

“It’s been incredible being able to meet so many of our users across the country, and conduct research as well. The best part of hand deliveries is being able to hear so many people’s different stories and be constantly learning something new, as well as witnessing first-hand the effects of the CUE1 on our users!” – Emaan

“Hand deliveries are a great way to meet people in the community. As a CUE1 user myself, I am always happy to talk to people about my experiences, and use my insights to help them get the greatest benefit possible. It’s been a really positive experience.” – David“Visiting the community is truly the best part of my job. I have met so many wonderful people, and have heard fascinating stories from each of them. Though we only get a short time with each person, I really appreciate them allowing me to come and help set up the CUE1, and to be able to share in some truly special moments” – Ollie

“I really enjoy the hand delivery aspect of my job, as it’s a great way of getting to know our community and their loved ones in the comfort of their own home. Hand delivery can also help to reduce any uncertainty around the device. During the visit, we take time to explain how the device works and how it can be individualised to each person. This includes device demonstration, assisting with placement of the device, and answering any questions around the device or the app. We always receive positive feedback on how beneficial the hand delivery option is to our users, and I am grateful I get to be part of the hand delivery team!” – Nicola

For each team member that is lucky enough to visit you in your homes, these experiences are truly special, and form an essential part of the experience.

A hand delivery

Voices from the community

For the whole team, the most important thing is to ensure that each person we visit feels that they are a part of our community, and that you have the support of each and every one of us. Though each visit is different, we are always grateful for the kind words of our community members, which keep us motivated and moving forward. We heard from Elaine, a CUE1 user, and her husband Tony, on how they feel our visit helped them.

“My home visit was amazing; well, actually, overwhelming, to be honest. I had Lucy, Paul and two others come into my little bungalow, and I felt so special (I know, it sounds corny, but I did) to be chosen for a visit. I had already had my CUE1 for a while, and apart from having a problem with the stickies, was actually really benefiting from my ‘magic button’. However, after talking to the Charco team, I felt far more confident in using both the app and the device. I would certainly recommend a visit, if it is at all possible” – Elaine

“I’ve never known anything like it. Right from receiving the CUE1, all the little details like the handwritten note, to the delivery service, I’ve never known a company like it. It has completely refreshed my view of people, and the difference in Elaine has been stunning. It’s been huge” – Tony

Hearing your feedback is always heart-warming, and knowing that our visit has made such an impact is incredibly special to us. Thank you to Elaine and Tony for letting us come and visit; it was a truly memorable day.

The future of our visits

As we continue to grow, we will welcome more and more of you into our community, and we look forward to hearing everyone’s experiences. Still, as we grow, we are determined not to lose sight of what matters, and our visits are going to continue to be a crucial part of our ethos. Without the support and feedback from you, our community, we could not have reached this point, and our future development will always be informed by your needs.

Of course, as we grow, we will update our methods, to ensure that each person receives efficient and personalised care, and that our visits remain as enlightening and memorable as they are now. Paul Simpson, our team , tells us more. 

“To date we have successfully delivered a CUE1 device to over 300 people in person, which has been achieved with a very small team. We plan to scale up the in-person deliveries by bringing in new team members who will provide us with a wider coverage, giving us the ability to deliver more devices in a shorter time frame. This, together with constantly adapting our systems and processes, will support a scale up of our deliveries”.

A hand delivery

The personal touch

As we continue to grow, we cannot wait to meet more and more of you during our visits. Meeting you and hearing your experiences is the most important part of what we do, and we are grateful to everyone who lets us come and demonstrate how to use the CUE1. If you would like, you can select the option for a visit from us when you purchase your CUE1, and we will do our best to be with you as quickly as we can. Thank you to everyone who we have visited so far, and to everyone who gives us the opportunity to visit them in person. :)

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this blog. To sign up to our waiting list, please follow this link, or to check your place on the waiting list, please click here. When you are offered your CUE1, please choose the option for ‘Hand Delivery’ whilst checking out for your own visit from the Team.