The Charco Blog

An update from Charco, October 2022

Hi everyone. :) We hope that you have all been well. It’s an exciting time at Charco, with many major developments taking place that we wanted to share with you all :).

Offering more CUE1s

We have recently received one thousand CUE1s, and have been busy sending out offers to all those at the top of our waiting list! We are a small team, working hard to deliver you your CUE1, and appreciate all of your patience and support as we scale up and deliver more CUE1’s than ever before. If you signed up in May 2021 or before, then we have already sent you your offer; please check your spam to ensure that you didn’t miss it, as we want to bring you your CUE1 as quickly as possible. :)

Checking your position

We have now released our waiting list checker! Simply type in your email address, and we will send you an email, confirming when you signed up to the CUE1 waiting list. By signing up to the waiting list, you are simply expressing your interest in the CUE1, and this does not mean you are required to make a purchase. There are no upfront fees for joining the waiting list, and we want you to feel entirely comfortable in purchasing your CUE1, with total peace of mind. We also offer a guaranteed three month return period for a full refund when purchasing a CUE1. :) We hope that this will give you greater clarity as we scale up and work toward bringing you your CUE1. To check when you signed up, please click this link.

Sending out CUE1s

Many members of our community have asked where we can send the CUE1’s, and we wanted to let you all know where we are regulated to send the CUE1’s :). Currently, we are regulated with the CE mark, which allows us to send CUE1’s to several nations in the European union. We do, however, have to ensure that all of our material, such as the instruction booklet, can be offered in the official language of the country that we are sending to, which we currently offer in English only. We will continue to work to get regulatory approval in all other countries, and will let you know as soon as we are able to send you your CUE1, wherever you are :).

CUE App update

There are now many members of the Charco community using the CUE App to personalise their device, track their symptoms, receive medication reminders and play fun games. Since launching the app, we have been receiving fantastic feedback from the community and we would like to thank everyone for their continued support. We encourage you to get in touch with any feedback or suggestions you may have. :)
We listen to all of the feedback we receive and factor it into the development of the app to improve quality of life for people with Parkinson’s, and we would like to share that within the next week, we will be releasing a new version of the CUE App which will fix the issues which have been reported to us, and a selection of new features. We will let you know on our social media channels when this update goes live.

Taking part in our research

One of our favourite parts of delivering CUE1s are the hand deliveries, as we get to meet our community and see smiles brought back in person. As part of this, we also offer the possibility of being involved in our research, by taking part in short assessments to see the effects of the CUE1. Many people opt in for this, and we are incredibly grateful to everyone who helps us further understand the effectiveness of the tactile stimulation. We would like to let people know that, as we have a limited number of testers, there may be a wait for your hand delivery should you choose this option, and we would like to thank you for your patience as we find a time that best suits everyone for us to come and visit :).