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Dave’s blog: It’s going to get noisy!

David Little

We hear from David Little, a member of Team Charco and a CUE1 user, in the first of his series of blogs.

Hi all! This is my first blog that will aim to help dispel the myths around Parkinson’s (such as it’s an ‘old’ person’s condition!), raise awareness of the interesting things that happen to you (such as ‘why can’t I walk on parquet flooring?’), and many other questions that I ask myself and are asked by others (such as ‘can you still drive?’).

Why I’m writing this blog

As a person with Parkinson’s, I am often surprised by the low level of awareness among the public about the condition. Sometimes people can be incredibly kind and understanding, whilst others can be less so. The looks I can get when parking in a supermarket car park disabled space can be quite intimidating at times (that is, if I were a shy  person, which I can assure you I am not). I have even been asked what my disability was, though when I tried to set off walking whilst discussing the matter with the gentleman involved, I didn’t think that staggering and almost toppling over was the most elegant way to show him that Parkinson’s is essentially a movement disorder, and that your ability to start movements can be affected. It can make you slow and extremely stiff, especially first thing in the morning. There is, however, always something you can do to make life that much easier, and the effects are amazing. I know people will tell you this constantly, but exercise works! Exercise is like medicine. If you take it properly, it will have a significant effect. End of sermon. 

You never know what’s around the corner

Well, just a short one today; this is the first of what we hope will be a regular feature, in which I will try to impress on people exactly how it feels to have Parkinson’s (in my case after I was diagnosed at 39 years old! I know,  pretty bad, huh?). We will chat about exercise, and I will tell you about the sports I have found that make a difference to my condition.

Also, as a final reason for sticking with me, something amazing happened 8 weeks ago today; I started a new job. I gave up my job with a Carer Support charity and came to work with Team Charco (I may mention quite a bit, they are an awesome bunch, led by the human dynamo who is also the CEO!). So, I better sign off now before I drop myself in it.

Stay safe, stay flexible and stay strong – you never know what’s around the corner.

Look out for the next instalment of Dave’s blog, coming soon.