Storyboarder / Storyteller

Cambridge (GB)
Posted 2 months ago

Job description:

We are looking for a new Storyboarder and Storyteller who can contribute to the growth of Charco.
You will ideally be within travelling distance of Cambridge, UK.

What set of skills are expected from you

  • Demonstrable scientific literacy is required, as you may be working through dense scientific concepts and will need the ability to understand and work with this information.
  • Experience in video production, direction, or other forms of story-led content creation, is preferred.
  • An undergraduate degree in Biology, Marketing, Film, or related fields, is preferred.
  • Experience in people-facing roles (care, customer support, teaching etc.) is beneficial.
  • An interest in the medical field, particularly in Parkinson’s and a desire to help improve quality of life for those with long term conditions, is beneficial.
  • Relevant experience of two (2) years in this field or a related field is preferred.
  • Professional fluency in Adobe suite is preferred.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, especially with regards to working in collaboration with other team members and taking and implementing feedback on projects, is required.

What you will be working on

This role will entail becoming very familiar with Charco’s key values, goals, and tone in order to develop storyboards for the company’s video content. This will range from paring down detailed scientific interviews into concise and digestible snapshots for educational pieces, to planning mini-documentary style pieces about our community members, to proposing effective marketing materials that are compelling while maintaining our core values and capturing our tone. You will work with a range of team members, including the social media team, video editors, and community support. You may also engage directly with people with Parkinson’s to engage with our community and properly tell their stories.

We are also looking for someone with demonstrable critical thinking skills and an eye for detail. Also, we value positivity, friendliness and flexibility. Being such a small team, we care deeply about collaboration and so being able to work effectively and transparently with the team is very important to us. However, it is also important that you are comfortable with driving yourself to complete the work, and delivering it on time.

Salary will be adjusted according to the candidate’s experience. Role is full-time, subject to 3-month probationary period. To apply to this role send CV and cover letter to [email protected].

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