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Since launching the CUE1 in December 2021, we have over 3,200 CUE1 users and had an incredible opportunity to learn about the range of benefits that the device could bring to people with different symptoms.

These efforts have resulted in the development of the CUE1+, and we have launched Season 2 with the CUE1+ on 17th April 2024. The CUE1+ includes,

  • New Customised Motor: More suitable for vibrotactile stimulation, and improving device lifespan and reliability.  
  • Expanded Colour Options: Deep Ocean and Sand colours. The Sand colour option will become available starting in September 2024.
  • New CUE App 2.0: The CUE App 2.0 will have a new design, community section, and platform-like infrastructure.

We are operating a waiting list system and sending out offer emails in the order of initial registration on the list. If you have already registered on the Season 1 waiting list, please click here to transfer your information.


The CUE1+ has an RRP of £795, and you have the option to purchase outright or through instalments.

International Availability

The CUE1+ is currently certified for sale in the UK and complies with local medical device regulations. We are working towards obtaining FDA clearance to make our innovations accessible in other countries, including the USA. We value your patience as we navigate through regulatory processes in other countries.

Thank you for your continued interest and support for Charco. We’ll continue our efforts to bring back smiles for people with Parkinson’s. :)

About Charco Neurotech

About Charco Neurotech

Based in the UK, we’re a team of engineers, product designers, doctors and neuroscientists dedicated to improve quality of life for people with long term conditions. Currently we are developing a CUE1 system to help ease symptoms for people with Parkinson’s.

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