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We know some members of our community prefer reading a physical document to navigating a website. If this is true for you, someone you know, or your patients, please feel free to download and print our trifold brochure. This includes the key points about Charco and the CUE1, and is a great introduction to our work. We also may be able to provide copies by post on request.


If you’re a healthcare provider who treats people with Parkinson’s and you’re interested in trialling or offering our device with your patients, get in touch with our clinical team and we’ll call or email you back. We are currently recruiting research participants so we are able to offer clinicians and consultants the chance to trial this in their clinics and take part in our research.

About Charco Neurotech

About Charco Neurotech

Based in the UK, we’re a team of designers, engineers and clinicians dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with long term conditions. Currently we are developing the CUE1 system to help ease and manage symptoms for people with Parkinson’s.

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